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Software Development


CRM is known as Customer Relationship Management. This is a type of web application which is used by the business to manage and organise the information about their customers like customer data, customer interactions, marketing and customer service , automate sells etc. To use a CRM system we require web server, data base and browser. CRM tool is very essential for a growing business because it helps in effective communication, administrative support and sales benefits.


Instant messaging is one of the earliest created network-based collaboration tools. Any collaboration tool available in the market offers an instant messaging feature in addition to the voice, video, or screen sharing features . It is a text based communication system between two person over the internet. It results in effective and efficient communication with instant response. Instant messaging happens in real time.


To bring a better set up in your business online, various accounting tools are available according to the business type. Accounting tools are 100% self-directing, secure and accountant-approved that can keep records of your business. To get a grip on your business's finances and bring consistent grow in your company, various sophisticated accounting tools can aid and manage your business online.


This is an open source tool which helps end users, hotelier, and tourism industry to manage their reservation system. This tool have the ability to synchronize room tariffs across all channels instantly . This tool has a great flexibility and is user friendly. This is an hospitality management software which can give a satisfactory service to the customers.


This is a web based customer support platform. This is an open source computer software that manages the list of issues as required by the organisation . Ticket system create, update and solve customer issue in big organisations. it can easily integrate enquires via email, phone and web-based forms into a simple multi-user web interface.


This is an open source attendance management system and is written in PHP . It manages multi-task work like creating time sheet to monitor employee project task , generate pending or approved time reports, maintain the attendance system etc. This is a web based software and easy to use.


This is a web based self configured system which works according to the business requirement of the car rental owner. The owner can also make modifications and can set your own booking rules and automate the reservation process.