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Presta shop is an open source and feature rich platform which is written in PHP. It is the world most popular and leading open source software tool. Today more than 2,00,000 e-commerce stores are running on presta shop worldwide. Raconsys provide Presta shop development services which offers appropriate open source E-commerce solution to the enterprises. Presta shop is an efficient and dynamic platform for E-commerce which is growing around the globe in a lightning speed. It is an ecommerce platform which comes around more than 275 features which increases the sales of business owners with minimal effort.

We provide fast scalable and affordable e-commerce websites using Presta shop platform. Our experienced team have the ability to meet the client's need and strive for excellence. its general features comprise of :

Multi shop management

Customer management

Analytic and reporting

Shipping and Management

Localisation and Translation

Intuitive check out

Site management

Product display

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)